Nautical words

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Turn Buckle. Stretching screw; bottle screw.

Turned Knee. Beam knee made by curving bar to shape required.

Turner's Reefing Gear. Single-handed gear for yachts. Main boom is on an axis, and can be rotated by a lever and pawl acting on a ratchet wheel near heel of boom. Thus causes sail to be rolled up around the boom.

Turning Centre. That point on which a vessel turns when under helm. Any point forward of this will turn in a direction opposite to that of any point abaft it. In most vessels of normal form this point lies between 0.3 and 0.4 of vessel's length from forward - but much depends on trim.

Turning Circle. Circle whose diameter is the distance from the point at which helm is put over and the point where direction of ship's head has changed 180°, or 16 points. It varies with speed, draught, trim, and amount of helm.

Turn Turtle. To turn over completely, with keel uppermost.

Turn Up. To fasten a rope securely by taking turns around a cleat or bollard.

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