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Tugboat. A small tug. Tumble Home

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Tugboat. A small tug.

Tumble Home. The inward inclination of a vessel's sides due to her breadth at upper deck being less than her maximum breadth.

Tumbler. Hinged pin on which end link of chain holding an anchor is placed. When shaft-on which pin is fixed-rotates, the link I falls off and anchor is released.

Tumbler Bolt. Device used for making good a missing rivet, and other purposes, when outside of plating is inaccessible. Works on the principle of a toggle. Consists of a circular rod having a slot in which a piece of steel, of same size as slot, is pivoted off centre. Inboard end of rod is threaded. When passed through hole the hinged part falls at right angles to bolt; nut on inboard end is screwed up to clamp leak-stopping unit in place.

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