Nautical words

Trunnels.* Treenails. Truss

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Trunnels.* Treenails.

Truss. Chain confining lower yard to mast. Sometimes is an iron fitting for same purpose, and may be on yard, mast, or both.

Truss Hoop. Iron band, around mast or yard, that is attached to truss.

Try. To lie to under storm canvas, reduced sail, or even, bare poles.

Try Back. Veer a little.

Trysail. Fore and aft sail, set to a gaff, used when lying to in heavy weather, or when sailing on a wind.

Trysail Gaff. Gaff to which head of trysail is extended.

Trysail Mast. Small mast formerly carried slightly abaft principal mast, to take a trysail.

Tsunami 366 Turbulence

Tsunami. Wave generated by an under-water upheaval of the earth's crust. Can travel great distances and cause destruction on arrival at a coast. Improperly called a tidal wave.

Tube Plates. Perforated plates in combustion chamber and front end of marine boiler. They take front ends of smoke return tubes, which are fitted between them.

Tubinares. Means Tubular nostrils.' Applied to petrels, in which this characteristic is pronounced.

Tuck. After part of vessel, where bottom planking comes to the counter.

Tuck a Strand. To pass end of one strand under an unlaid strand when splicing. Colloquially: to gain an advantage, or favourĀ­able notice.

Tuck Rail. Lower strake of horizontal timber in counter of a wooden vessel.

Tufa. Light porous stone, rather like sandstone, that sometimes contains vegetable matter.

Tug. Strongly-built and fully-engined vessel especially designed for towing.

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