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Truckle.* To lower a sail slightly. Trucks

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Truckle.* To lower a sail slightly.

Trucks. Large wooden beads through which jaw rope of a gaff is rove. They reduce friction on mast when gaff is lowered or hoisted. 2. The small wheels of a wooden gun-carriage.

True. Word used when denoting values from which known errors have been eliminated. Used in this sense we have 'true altitude', 'true course', 'true azimuth', etc. Also used when differentiating between similar entities in different forms, such as 'true', and 'mean' Suns, 'true' and 'magnetic' north, etc.

True Altitude. Angular value of arc of vertical circle intercepted between a heavenly body and rational horizon. Deduced from apparent altitude by application of corrections for refraction, parallax and dip.

True Azimuth. Angular distance of a heavenly body from observer's meridian. Measured from the elevated pole.

True Bearing. Angle between observer's meridian and the great circle passing through observer and object observed. Expressed in three-figure notation, or quadrantally.

True Distance. Length of arc of great circle intercepted between two points on Earth.

True Lay Wire. Wire rope in which each wire is shaped in the spiral form it must have in the ropeā€”and is not twisted into this shape.

True Sun. The apparent, or actual. Sun as distinguished from mean, and other, suns.

Trundle Head. That upper part of a capstan which contains the sockets into which the capstan bars are shipped.

Trunk. Rectangular space bounded by vertical plating and capable of being closed on upper side. Lower side is generally open to a larger enclosed space.

Trunk Ship. Vessel having trunks at deck level to act as feeders to holds.

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