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Triangulum Australe. 'Southern triangle.' Well-marked stellar triangle about halfway between Scorpio and south pole. R.A 16h;Dec. 69°S (approx.).

Triatic Stay. Stay going horizontally from cap of one mast to cap of next mast. Common in vessels fore and aft rigged. Sometimes called 'jumper stay'.

Trice. To haul up by pulling downwards on a rope that is led through a block or sheave.

Tricing Line. Any small rope used for tricing; particularly that led through block at jaws of gaff to tack of a gaffsail.

Trick 363 Tripping Line

Trick. A spell of duty connected with the navigation of a vessel; more particularly, at the wheel or look-out.

Trident Log. Towed log, on 'Cherub' principle, that has an electrical unit for repeating the indications at a point distant from log.

Triemiolio. Light, fast vessel of Rhodes in classic times.

Trim. Difference, or relationship, between the forward and after draughts of a floating vessel. Ship is said to be trimmed by the head or stern according to which end is deeper in the water.

Trimaran. A vessel having three hulls, the central one usually being the largest.

Trim Indicator. Instrument for measuring and indicating the longi­tudinal inclination of a vessel.

Trimmer. Man who shovels bulk cargo, particularly coal, from hatch­way to the wings and under deck spaces in a hold. 2. Fireman who shovels coal from bunker to a position nearer to stokehold.

Trimming. Adjusting. Applied to cargo, denotes placing it in its proper position and, if necessary, winging it out. Applied to a vessel, denotes placing and arranging cargo so that there is a desired relationship between the forward and after draughts. Trimming a bunker is passing the coal in it to another bunker, or to a position where it will be handy for feeding fires. Trimm­ing yards and sails is carefully adjusting them so that the maxi­mum wind effect is obtained.

Trinity House. Short name for the 'Guild or fraternity of the most glorious and undivided Trinity and of St. Clements', chartered by Henry VIII and established at Deptford - where pilots boarded outgoing vessels. Its first duties embraced the super­vision of construction of ships for the Royal Navy. In 1604 it divided into Elder Brethren and Younger Brethren, the latter being an honorary rank. Was dissolved by Parliament in 1647, but reconstructed in 1660. Now mainly concerned with lights, buoyage, and other navigational aids, and as nautical advisers in the Admiralty Division of the High Courts of Justice.

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