Nautical words

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Transporting Line. Rope led from ship to an appropriate place on shore, particularly in a dock or basin, for moving a ship by warping.

Trans-Ship. To put out of one ship into another. Often written 'tranship'.

Transverse Member. Shipbuilding term for a beam, the two frames to which it is attached and the floors at lower ends of frames. If the beam is pillared, the pillar is included.

Transverse Stress. A stress that tends to deform the transverse shape of a vessel or member.

Transverse Thrust. Any thrust that is perpendicular to the normal. Particularly applied to that component of the force exerted by a screw propeller which tends to move the stern side-wise. Its effect is frequently termed 'paddle-wheel effect'.

Traveller. Hoop, ring, or cylinder that can travel freely when encircling a mast, spar, horse, rope, or bar.

Traverse. Zig-zag track of a sailing vessel when plying to wind­ward. 2. A term used in surveying to describe a series of con­nected lines, of known length and direction, on surface of Earth. If the last line of the series joins the first line, and so encloses a figure, the traverse is termed a 'closed traverse'. 3. To traverse a yard is to brace it as far aft as possible.

Traverse Board. Circular board marked with points of compass and having holes radiating from centre and towards each compass point. In these holes pegs were inserted, at an appropriate distance from centre, to indicate direction and distance run on the different tacks during a watch, 16th century.

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