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Tramp. Cargo steamer that is not confined to any particular run or to any particular cargo, but carries any cargo that is profitable and convenient.

Transfer. Distance a vessel moves away from her original line of advance when altering course under helm. Is measured along a line perpendicular to her original course, and to the point where she is on her new course.

Transient Ship. Name formerly given to a 'Tramp'.

Transire. The 'outward clearance' document of a vessel going from one United Kingdom port to another. Issued by Collector of Customs to Master at loading port. Delivered before dischargĀ­ing, to Collector of Customs at discharging port.

Transit. Passage of a heavenly body across meridian of observer. 2. Passage of an inferior planet across Sun's disc. 3. In pilotage, the position of two distant, fixed objects when they are in line to an observer; the line passing through them and observer being a position line.

Transom 361 Traverse Table

Transom. Name sometimes given to 'Transom Frame'. 2. One of the thwartship beams bolted to stern post of a wooden vessel. Carries after ends of deck planking and helps to preserve shape of after body. 3. The stern timbers, or plating, of a vessel with a flat stern. As this stern formed the after side of the cabin, the name was sometimes applied to the cabin itself.

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