Nautical words

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Trail Boards. Carved boards on either side of a figure head.

Training Ship. Ship carrying instructors and fitted out for training purposes. The training may be specialised, or general.

Training Wall. Wall, or embankment, erected at sides of a harbour or river to keep the water in predetermined bounds, or to deflect the water into a desired direction.

Train Tackle. Purchase, from ringbolt in deck to rear end of gun carriage, for holding a broadside muzzle-loading gun while back for loading.

Trajectory. Used in meteorology to denote the path taken by any particular particle of air when moving over Earth's surface. In gunnery, is the path of the projectile from gun muzzle to the surface of Earth, or to its bursting position.

Trammel. Fishing net made up of a 40-fathom length of small mesh net between two 40-fathom lengths of large mesh net. Extended between two ropes moored in line of tide. Tramontana. North wind in Mediterranean Sea.

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