Nautical words

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Tow Line, Tow Rope. Rope or hawser by which a vessel is towed.

Trabaccolo. Adriatic cargo vessel or trawler of about 60 tons. Original rig: two masts, lugsails, bowsprit and jibs.

Track. Route, in sea or ocean, along which vessels customarily travel. 2. That part of a line of advance that has already been travelled; particularly applied to storms. 3. Disturbed water astern of a vessel. 4. To tow a boat from a tow path.

Trackage_____ 360 Transit

Trackage. Towage, particularly from a tow path.

Tracking. Towing, particularly from a tow path.

Tractive Force. That part of Moon's gravitational pull that causes the water of Earth to move horizontally towards Moon.

Trades. Short name for 'trade winds'. Also used as denoting the cargo usually carried by a vessel or vessels; e.g. 'grain trade', 'timber trade'-or the areas traded in, such as 'Baltic trade', 'short sea trade'.

Trade Winds. More or less constant winds that 'tread' the same path for long periods. They blow from tropical high pressure areas towards the equatorial low-pressure area.

Trading Flag. Ensign of the country in which a vessel is at that time. Usually hoisted at foremast head in merchant vessels. Also called 'complimentary ensign'.

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