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'Touch and Stay. ' Inserted in a marine insurance policy to permit vessel to call at a customary port for purposes connected with the voyage. Does not give liberty to deviate.

Touch Hole. Priming hole of a muzzle-loading gun, to which tinder or match was applied for igniting charge.

Touch Off. To fire a muzzle-loading gun by touching the priming with a match or tinder.

Touch the Ground. Temporarily and lightly to make contact with bottom when in shoal water.

Tow. Coarse fibres of hemp that have been separated from the finer fibres.

Tow. To draw through the water by means of a rope, hawser, or cable. 2. Vessel or craft being towed.

Towage. The act of towing. 2. Service rendered by towing.

Towage Clause. Clause in a charter party, and repeated in a bill of lading, giving a vessel permission to tow, or to be towed, in stated circumstances.

Towing Bridle. Length of chain, or rope, having a hook in each end and carried by towing vessel. End of tow rope is attached to the hooks.

Towing Horse. An arched transverse beam from bulwark to bulwark in a tug to keep the towrope clear of the deck.

Towing Light. The additional white light shown on foremast of a steam vessel when towing.

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