Nautical words

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Torricelli's Theorem. Refers to velocity of water through an orifice. Usually given as 2gh when h is difference of levels on either side of orifice, g being coefficient of gravitational force. Due to frictional and other factors, the practical velocity is about 0.6 of theoretical velocity.

Torrid Zone 359 Track

Torrid Zone. That area of Earth's surface that lies between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.

Torse. A coarse kind of hemp.

Torsion Meter. Instrument for measuring amount of torque in a shaft. Used for measuring torque in propeller shaft turned by a turbine; thus arriving at horsepower of engine.

Total Eclipse. Eclipse of Sun, or Moon, in which no part of the disc is illuminated.

Total Loss. Used in marine insurance to denote that the subject of insurance has been completely lost, or has been so damaged that it is valueless.

Touch. To make a brief call at a port or place. 2. To touch the bottom without grounding. 3. Said of a sail when its luff comes into the wind. 4. Tinder or match used for firing muzzle-loading guns. 5. The broad end of a tapered plank when in contact with narrow end of another tapered plank.

Touch and Go. To touch the ground, with the keel, for a minute or so and then proceed again.

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