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Topping a Furnace. See 'Priming and Topping'.

Toppinglift. Rope or tackle for lifting the head of a derrick or boom.

Topping Maul. Carpenter's hammer having a conical point and large, flat, circular head.

Toprail. Rail, supported by stanchions, along after edge of a lower top.

Top Rim. Edge of the top on lower masts of sailing ships. After side was often fitted to take stanchions. Usually divided into 'fore', and 'after', and 'side' rims. Name was given, also, to

a curved beading, on fore side of rim, to reduce chafing of topsail.

Top Rope. Rope by which a topmast is hoisted or swayed up.

Topsail. Sail next above course in square-rigged vessels, and above mainsails in fore and aft rigged vessels. Those in square-rigged vessels originally carried three reefs. In merchant vessels, the sail was, later, divided into an upper and a lower topsail, both without reefs.

Topsail Breeze. Fresh breeze in which a yacht can carry topsails.

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