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Top Brim. Top rim. Top Button

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Top Brim. Top rim.

Top Button. Truck at a mast head.

Top Chains. Preventers, in sailing warships, that took weight of the lower yard if slings were shot away.

Top End. Rectangular block at lower end of piston of a marine reciprocating engine. Upper end of connecting rod is hinged into it.

Topgallant Bulwarks. 'Quarter boards.'

Topgallant Forecastle. Short deck right forward, and raised above the upper deck, to carry machinery for working cable.

Topgallant Mast. Mast above topmast. When royal yards are crossed the mast is longer: the upper part being the royal mast, the lower part being the topgallant mast.

Topgallant Yard 357 Topsail Halliard Bend

Topgallant Yard. Yard next above topsail yards. Topgallant sail is bent to it.

Top Hamper. The fittings, furniture, and tackles that are above the upper deck of a vessel; more especially those that are aloft.

Top Lantern. Lantern from which a 'top light' is shown.

Top Light. Light shown from a main or mizen top as a guide to following warships when in line ahead.

Top Lining. Doubling piece of canvas, on after side of topsail, to take any chafe against the top rim. 2. Platform of thin wood fastened on after side of crosstrees.

Topman. Seaman whose duties are in the top when under sail. 2. In Royal Navy, is a rating in the ‘Toretop' or 'maintop' division of a watch.

Topmast. Mast immediately above a lowermast - into which it may be telescoped, or to which it may be fitted.

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