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Time Penalty Clause. Inserted in a policy of marine insurance to free insurer from all claims for loss consequent on loss of time.

Time of Origin. Time at which a signal is ordered to be sent. Serves as a reference number identifying the signal.

Time Policy. Contract of insurance covering a risk for a specified period, not exceeding one year for marine insurance policies.

Time Signal. Visual, radio, or telegraphic signal made to indicate an exact instant of time.

Time Zones. Sectors of Earth's surface bounded by meridians 15° apart, zero zone being 7 ½ ° on either side of prime meridian. Times kept in these zones vary from Greenwich in complete hours. Each zone is identified by a figure denoting the number , of hours that its time differs from G.M.T., and a sign, + or —, indicating how the difference is to be applied to Zone Time to get G.M.T.

Tingle. Sheet of lead or copper that has been tacked on outside of a boat to stop a leak. Usually put over canvas, fearnought, or other fabric that has been soaked in tallow or oil. A pad of oakum is often used.

Tipping Centre. That point, in fore and aft line of a vessel, that does not rise or fall with change of trim. It is the point at which the tipping change appears to be hinged.

Tireplate. Iron plate extending athwartships, on under side of deck, in way of mast of a sailing vessel. Placed to prevent mast wedges distorting deck planking in way of mast.

Title of Chart. Includes particulars regarding date of survey, names of ship and officers engaged in survey, compass variation at a given date, secular change in variation, geographical position of a named point, units used for denoting soundings, tidal data, conspicuous objects, natural scale of chart, abbreviations used.

Toggle. Piece of wood, or other material, used in conjunction with a becket when quick attachment or release is required. Any small spar passed through eye of rope, that has been rove through an aperture or ringbolt, is a toggle.

Toleration 356 Topgallant Mast

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