Nautical words

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Timber Load Line. Special load line used only when carrying a timber deck cargo.

Timber Spacing. Alternative name for 'Timber and room'.

Time. Mode by which is measured the passage of events. A measure of duration. In navigation, all time is measured by hour angle of a specific body or point, and is based on diurnal rotation of Earth, monthly revolution of Moon around Earth, the annual revolution of Earth round Sun.

Time Azimuth. Bearing, of a heavenly body, derived from latitude of observer, declination and hour angle of the body observed.

Time Charter. Agreement whereby a shipowner leases his vessel to a charterer, for a specified period and under conditions agreed.

Time Clauses. Institute clauses applicable to a Time' policy of insurance.

Timeneoguy. Small rope tautly stretched to prevent sheets and tacks fouling when working ship. Originally, was a tack tricing line that kept sail from obscuring view of helmsman, or "timoneer'.

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