Nautical words

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Tide Waiter. Alternative name for Tidesman'.

Tide Water. Navigable water affected by rise and fall of tide, or by tidal currents.

Tideway. Channel through which a tidal current runs, particularly that part in which current has its maximum rate.

Tie. Short rope, other than a gasket, used for securing a sail when furled.

Tieplate. Plate fitted between, and attached to, two members to maintain their distance apart, or relative positions.

Tier. Mooring buoys at which several vessels lie alongside each other. 2. Hemp cable when flaked down for running. 3. Grating or spar shelf on which hemp cable was flaked for running. 4. A range of casks. 5. Row of vessels moored alongside one another.

Tierce. Cask holding 42 gallons. When used for salt provisions were in two sizes; one contained about 304 Ib., the other about 336 Ib.

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