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Tidal Types. 'Tidal species.'

Tidal Undulation. The rhythmic rise and fall of sea level due to tide-producing forces. A bore, or aeger, is not an undulation.

Tidal Waters. Waters affected by rise and fall of tide, or by tidal currents.

Tidal Wave. Name given, erroneously, to an unusually large wave-that is generally due to anything but tidal action. A tsunami.

Tide. Periodic rise and fall of sea surface, at any given point, due to tractive and gravitational effects of Sun and Moon, together with centrifugal effect of Earth's gyrational movement.

Tide and Half Tide. Said of tidal streams when their directions are reversed at half flood and half ebb.

Tide and Quarter Tide. Said of tidal streams when their directions are reversed at quarter flood and quarter ebb.

Tide Day. Lunar day. 2. Interval between successive high waters of a diurnal tide; between high water of one semidiurnal tide and the second following high water.

Tide Gauge. Instrument for measuring height of tide, or for indicating it. Usually automatic in action.

Tide Pole. Iron tube, or rectangular wooden spar, used for observĀ­ing tidal rises during marine surveys. Usually painted black and white-in alternate feet-with graduations that can be read from a distance.

Tide Rip. Disturbed water due to tidal current passing over marked inequalities in the bottom.

Tide Rode. Said of an anchored vessel when her head is pointing in direction from which a tidal current is flowing.

Tidesman 354 Timber Hitch

Tidesman. Customs officer who boards a vessel on arrival, and remains on board during discharge of cargo. 2. Man employed during certain states of tide.

Tide Tables. Pre-computed tables giving daily predictions of times and heights of high water-often, of low water-at selected ports and positions. 2. Ancillary tables for deriving times and heights of tide at selected secondary ports, from tabulated tides. Also, tables for finding heights of tide at a port at times interĀ­mediate between high and low waters.

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