Nautical words

Thurrock.* Old name for the hold of a ship. Thwart

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Thurrock.* Old name for the hold of a ship.

Thwart. Transverse seat in a boat, for rowers to sit on.

Thwart Hawse. Forward of and across the fore and aft line of another vessel.

Thwart Marks.* Old name for 'leading marks'.

Thwartships. Usual contraction of 'athwartships'.

Ticket. Colloquial name for a 'Certificate of Competency'. Gener­ally looked upon as a disparaging name but, etymologically speaking, is perfectly appropriate.

Tidal. Pertaining to tides.

Tidal Basin. An area of water that is partly enclosed, but is subject to fluctuations due to rise and fall of tides.

Tidal Constants. Amounts by which the tide, at a particular place, differs from tide at a port of reference. They may be 'time' or 'height' constants. Time constant applied to time of high or low water at port of reference will give approximate time of high or low water at that particular place. Similarly, height constants will give heights of high and low water.

Tidal Current. Name sometimes given to 'tidal stream'.

Tidal Friction ______ 353____ _______Tide Rode

Tidal Friction. Retardation of Earth's rotation by Moon's tractive effort on atmosphere and waters of Earth; so causing day to be lengthened by about 0.002 of a second in 100 years. In about 50,000,000,000 years the day and month will be of equal length (about 47x24 hours).

Tidal Harbour. Harbour whose depth of water depends on state of tide.

Tidal Paradox. Applied to the phenomenon of a fall in surface level of water when a tidal current flows over a submerged shoal,

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