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Throat Downhaul. Rope for housing down the throat of a gaff.

Throat Halliard. Rope or purchase for hoisting throat of a gaff.

Throat Seizing. Put round two parts of a rope that has a circular bight and the parts going in opposite directions. Similar to a round seizing but without the trapping turns.

Through Bill of Lading. Bill that covers transit of goods from consignor to consignee when more than one means of transport is employed.

Through Fastenings. Nails, screws, bolts, rivets, etc., that go through all parts they join together, the outer ends being so secured that accidental withdrawal is precluded.

Thrum 352 Tidal Current

Thrum. To pass small tufts of rope yarns through canvas to make a mat. 2. The small tuft so used.

Thrum Mat. Mat made by thrumming rope yarns, or other fibres, into a textile backing.

Thrust. A pushing force exerted along a line.

Thrust Block. Substantial fitting secured to a vessel to take the thrust of screw propeller, and so cause vessel to move ahead or astern. In simpler forms, webs on thrust shaft work in grooves in thrust block. See 'Mitchell Thrust'.

Thrust Shaft. That section or propeller shafting w}rich transmits propeller thrust to thrust block, and so to ship.

Thuban. Star  Draconis. R.A. 14 h (approx.); Dec. 64 ½ °N; Mag. 3 (var.). When Great Pyramid was built it was the pole star.

Thumb Cleat. Small cleat having only one horn. Generally used as a fairlead.

Thumb Knot. Name sometimes given to the 'overhand' knot.

Thunder. Noise made when lightning flash passes through atmo­sphere and causes rapid expansion and contraction of air. As flash is comparatively long, the noise from each point in path arrives later as its distance from observer increases, thus giving a continuous sound.

Thunderbolt. Lightning flash that touches surface of Earth and causes damage. Name is sometimes given to a meteorite that strikes Earth.

Thunder Cloud. Unusually dark nimbus cloud from which lightning flashes emanate.

Thunderstorm. Storm in which thunder is heard; caused by decreases in upper air temperatures being abnormal. This vertical insta­bility causes large cloud formations, with correspondingly large electrical charges.

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