Nautical words

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Balance Piston. 'Dummy Piston'.

Balancing. When applied to marine reciprocating marine engine, denotes the arranging of moving parts and adjustable weights so that engine runs smoothly and without undue vibration.

Balancing Band 32 Banjo Frame

Balancing Band. Band and shackle, on shank of anchor, at such a position that anchor will lie horizontal when lifted by shackle of band, Not at centre of gravity of anchor, as allowance must be made for weight of attached cable.

Balandra. South American coasting vessel, of about 100 tons, having one mast. 2. One-masted vessel, fitted with outrigger, found in China Sea. Name is a form of 'Bilander'.

Balcony. Alternative name for stern gallery of olden ships.

Bale Yawl. Small Manx fishing vessel, with oars and lugsail, used in 'bale', or long line fishing.

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