Nautical words

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Three-Point Problem. Name given to problem of fixing position by measurement of horizontal angles between three identified and charted objects. Now solved by the Station Pointer.

Three Sheets in the Wind. Said of a man under the influence of drink. A ship with three sheets in the wind would 'stagger to and fro like a drunken man'. Conversely, a drunken man

staggers to and fro like a ship with three sheets in the wind.

Three-Stranded. Defines all ropes having three strands.

Throat. The part of a gaff that rests against a mast, and from which the jaws spring. 2. Fore upper corner of a fore and aft sail. 3. Angle at junction of arm and shank of an Admiralty pattern anchor. 4. Interior angle of knee or compass timber.

Throat Bolts. Eye bolts in jaw end of gaff and in lower part of a top. They take hooks of throat halliards.

Throat Brails. Brails that lead through blocks below jaws of a gaff.

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