Nautical words

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Thirty-day Returns. Proportional repayment of insurance premĀ­iums for each 30 days an insured vessel is laid up, or taken off insurance.

Thofts.* Old name for thwarts of a boat.

Thole, Thole Pin. Metal or wooden peg inserted in gunwale of a boat for oar to heave against when rowing without crutch or rowlock.

Thomson Deflector. See 'Deflector'.

Thomson's Sounding Machine. The earlier type of the Kelvin Sounding Machine. Line used was two pianoforte steel wires twined round one another.

Thornycroft Boiler. Water-tube boiler consisting of two lower I water drums and an upper steam drum, connected by curved | tubes, and all mounted in the heating space.

Thoroughfoot. The fouling of a tackle by one of its blocks being passed through the running parts of the tackle. Probably a corruption of 'through put'.

Thorough Put. Thoroughfoot.

Thranites. The uppermost oarsmen of the three tiers of a Greek trireme.

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