Nautical words

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Thermometrograph. Self-registering thermometer made by Cavendish, 1752.

Thermotank. Casing containing pipes through which steam, cold water, or brine may be passed. Air for ventilation can be drawn j round these pipes, and so brought to any required temperature.

Thick and Thin Block. Block having two sheaves, of different sizes, through which two different ropes were rove. They were fitted, for example, on quarters of a yard to take sheet and clewline,

Thieves. In marine insurance are persons, not belonging to the ship, who commit robbery with studied intent.

Thimble. Metal ring, with concave side into which a rope may be spliced, or seized; thimble can then take shackle pin, hook, or rope without chafing rope into which thimble is fitted. Made in various shapes. Usually of galvanised iron, steel, brass, or gunmetal.

Thimble Eye. Round hole, in steel or iron plate, with edge rounded or built up so that a rope can be rove through it instead of through a sheave.

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