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Thames Measurement. Yacht measurement by 'Thames Tonnage'.

Thames Tonnage. Yacht measurement introduced 1855 by Royal Thames Yacht Club. Calculated by when B is beam and L is extreme length in feet.

Theoretical Navigation.* Old name for all calculations made for fixing ship's position. It thus included Common and Proper Pilotage—or Pilotage and Navigation.

Thermal Conductivity. Efficiency, of a substance, to conduct heat; silver having the greatest thermal conductivity.

Thermal Efficiency. Work done by an engine when expressed as a ratio of the heat energy in the fuel consumed. Due to funnel emissions, radiation, and other losses, maximum thermal efficiency of boilers and engines combined is about 0.3; of turbines is about 0.2, reciprocating engines about 0.17.

Thermogram 350 Thrapping

Thermogram. Recording made by a thermograph.

Thermograph. A recording thermometer.

Thermometer. Instrument for measuring temperature, usually by the expansion or contraction of a column of mercury or alcohol. As the range of these two substances is somewhat limited, it is t necessary to use other means for measuring high temperatures. Instruments for measuring furnace temperatures .are 'pyrometers'.

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