Nautical words

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Territorial Waters. Water adjacent to a coast and over which the sovereign power of the country claims control. Usually taken as being within three miles off the coast, but this is not universally accepted. There is no hard and fast international agreement on the application of this rule to wide estuaries, gulfs, bays, etc.

Terrestrial. Pertaining to Earth. Used generally to differentiate points, lines, and circles of terrestrial sphere from similar points, lines, and circles of celestial sphere.

Terrestrial Magnetism. Natural magnetism of Earth.

Terrestrial Radiation. Emission of heat by land during night.

Terrestrial Telescope. The telescope generally used at sea. Object viewed is observed correctly, and not inverted. This rectification causes a certain amount of light to be lost.

Tethys. Greatest of the sea deities of Greek mythology. Wife of Oceanus and mother of all great rivers, and of 3000 Oceanides.

Tew. Chain or rope used for towing. 2. To beat hemp for rope-making.

Tewing Beetle. Flat piece of wood formerly used for beating hemp.

Thalamites. The oarsmen in ancient Greek triremes, who sat lowest, or next to the vessel's sides.

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