Nautical words

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Tercentesimal Scale. Temperature scale in Absolute units, so going into the third 'hundreds'.

Teredo navalis. Soft, cylindrical mollusc, about 24 to 30 inches long, that bores into timbers of wooden ships. Has small shells attaches to tail, and used these for lining the hole made.

Teredo Worm. Common name for 'Teredo navalis'.

Term. Short name for 'Term Piece'.

Terminator. Line dividing illuminated surface of Moon from surface not illuminated. Sometimes applied to same line on planets, including Earth.

Term Piece.* Carved work, on olden ships extending from the taffrail to foot rail of balcony, and then going down the side timbers of stern.

Terrada. Oriental sailing vessel of 16th century, usually having one or two masts.

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