Nautical words

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Tensile Strength. Amount of tension that can be put on a member or fitting without rupturing it.

Tensile Stresses. Of a ship, are those components of hogging and sagging stresses that tend to rupture the fore and aft members of her construction.

Tension. State of being stretched or strained so that rigidity is generated. 2. Name sometimes given to 'voltage'.

Tenth Wave. Commonly believed to be higher than preceding nine waves. Although it is true that wind effect causes one wave to override another, and so make a larger wave, it is not established that the eleventh wave will do this - so making a larger tenth wave. In some places the fifth wave is consistently larger.

Tephigram. Diagram showing atmospheric conditions at various levels of altitude.

Terce 349 Thermal Efficiency

Terce. Cask holding 42 gallons, 1/3 of a pipe or butt. Tierce.

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