Nautical words

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Temperate Zones. Those areas of Earth's surface lying between the Arctic and Antarctic Circles and the Tropics.

Temperly Transporter. Substantial beam, of I-section, having a carriage on lower flange and fitted with slings and guys. When slung from a derrick it permits hoisting from points approxi­mately below beam, hauling of carriage to a point in beam above lowering position, and lowering-all with one winch. Requires adjustment of guys, possibly of toppinglift, when loading or discharging points are changed.

Tempest. Violent wind storm.

Template, Templet. Piece of thin wood, or metal, cut to shape of a required fitting or member, and so acting as a pattern. 2. Perforated strip of metal used as a guide for siting rivet holes.

Tend. To attend. Formerly said of a vessel at anchor when she swung to the prevailing tidal stream.

Tendency. Inclination to change. Particularly applied to changing of barometric pressures. 'Barometric Tendency.'

Tender. Said of a vessel having a small righting moment; so being easily moved from her position of equilibrium, and slow in returning to it. 2. Small vessel employed in attending a larger vessel, or vessels. 3. To offer for acceptance, or consideration. The act of offering for acceptance or consideration.

Tenor. General meaning, or purport, of a document or statement.

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