Nautical words

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Telescopic Funnel. Funnel that can be lowered vertically, either entirely or in sections. Originally used in vessels having sails and engines. Now confined to small craft that pass under bridges.
Telescopic Topmast 348 Tephigram

Telescopic Topmast. Topmast that can be lowered inside a tubular lower mast when required.

Telltale. General name for a mechanical indicator-such as the pointer on a helm indicator, or the repeating pointer from engine room. Formerly, was an indicator on beam of cabin-showing position of helm or rudder.

Tell -Tale Compass. Inverted compass formerly attached to beams of cabin so that direction of ship's head could be ascertained at any moment by the Master.

Tell -Tale Shake. The shaking of a rope, by a man "working aloft, to indicate that he wishes it to be slacked or let go.

Temperature Gradient. Rise or fall in temperature of a mass as registered in a horizontal direction through the mass.

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