Nautical words

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Tarpaulin Canvas. Rather coarse but flexible canvas. Made from second quality yarns, but not lacking in strength, and free from jute.

Tarpaulin Muster. Old name for a general collection for a charitable purpose. Name probably arose from the passing round of a tarpaulin hat.

Tartane.* Small coasting vessel of the Mediterranean Sea of about 40 tons. Has a clipper bow, pointed stern, one mast, lateen sail and jib.

Taunt, Taunto. High, or tall. Said of masts that are unusually high, or of a vessel having high masts.

Taurus. (Lat.='Bull'.) Constellation situated between R.A. 03 h 20 m and 04 h 40 m and Dec. 8° to 27°N. Has two navigational stars (Aldebaran and Nath). Also, second sign of Zodiac, extending from 30° to 60° celestial longitude. Due to precession of equinoxes, constellation Aries is now in sign Taurus, and constellation Taurus is mainly in sign Gemini. Sun is in Taurus from April 21 to May 20 (about).

Taut. Tight or well stretched. Neat.

Taut Bowline 347 Telescopic Funnel

Taut Bowline. Said of a bowline when it is fully stretched with ship sailing closed hauled. 'On a taut bowline' denotes a vessel sailing close hauled and as near to wind as possible.

Taut Leech. Said of a sail when well hoisted and having no tendency to 'bag'.

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