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Tangent Sailing. Name formerly given to 'Middle Latitude Sailing*.

Tank 346 Taut

Tank. In general, any cistern or reservoir in which liquids are stowed. Particularly applied to one containing water ballast, fresh water, oil-fuel, etc.

Tanker. Vessel specially constructed for carrying liquids in bulk. Vessel constructed for carrying oil in bulk.

'Tanky.' Petty officer in R.N. whose duty is to look after fresh­water tanks. At one time these tanks were under the charge of the navigating officer, who shared the nickname.

Tapered Ropes. Ropes whose circumference gradually diminished towards one end. Formerly used for sheets and tacks in Royal Navy. While having full circumference at working part, the rope rendered easily through a sheave or block when veered or slackened.

Tapering. Gradually reducing diameter of extreme end of rope so that end is easily passed through a block or thimble.

Tap Rivet. Rivet substitute having thread on shank and a head shaped to take a spanner. Used in places where riveting is impossible. Holes are threaded, tap rivet is screwed home, head is then cut off.

Tar. In nautical work, usually means Stockholm tar. Coal tar, however, is often used for preservation of steel decks, particu­larly the refined tars. Black tar varnish is often used for coating outside of underwater steel plating. 2. Colloquial name for a blue-jacket; rarely applied to a Merchant Navy seaman.

Tare. Amount to be deducted from gross weight to ascertain nett weight of a commodity that is packed.

Tarpaulin. Originally, canvas dressed with tar, or a substitute for tar. Now applied to canvas treated with a waterproofing and preservative dressings. Used for covering hatches, and for pro­tective purposes. 2. Old name for a seaman. 3. Old name for a seaman's waterproof hat.

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