Nautical words

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Taken by the Lee. Said of a sailing vessel when her sails are thrown aback by a sudden shift of wind.

Take Up. Said of seams of a boat when they tighten up and cease to leak.

Taking Off. Said of tide or wind when it is getting less.

Tallant.* Rounded upper part of a rudder.

Tally. To count. Particularly applied to the count of items loaded or discharged by a vessel. 2. The count obtained from tallying. 3. Agreement in numbers or quantities.

Tally Board. Board, bearing instructions, that comes to a wrecked ship with a life-saving rocket line.

Tally Book. Book in which is kept a reckoning of items of cargo received or discharged from a hatch or vessel.

Tan. Solution of gum and dark red dye. Used for preserving sails.

Tandem Block. Block having two sheaves in the same plane.

Tangent. Line that touches circumference of a circle but will not cut the circumference if produced in either direction. More precisely, a line that is perpendicular to the radius of circle at the point of contact with the circumference.

Tangent Circle. Circle at which the surface of a conical or cyl­indrical projection touches the sphere. In cylindrical protections

it is a great circle; in conical projections it is a small circle.

Tangent Point. That point, on a sphere, at which the plane of the projection touches it.

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