Nautical words

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Tail-end Shaft. Tail Shaft.'

Tail Jigger. Jigger with a selvagee tail, instead of a hook, in the double block.

Tail of Bank. Seaward end of a longitudinal shoal in an estuary.

Tail On. Order to assist in manning the fall of a tackle.

Tail Shaft. That part of a propeller shaft that passes through the stern tube and is fitted to take attachment of the propeller.

Tail Splice. The joining of one rope to another rope that differs in size, or in material.

Tail Tackle. Luff tackle, or watch tackle, with rope or selvagee tail in head of double block, and hook in single block.

Take a Turn. To take a temporary turn with a rope preparatory to taking in some more of it. Take Charge. To break away from control. Take In. To furl, or to lower, sails. 2. To load. 3. To haul in. 4. To receive.

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