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Tab. Name sometimes given to tabling on a sail.

Tabernacle. Vertical casing, having three sides at right angles, into which a mast is stepped and clamped.

Table. To strengthen foot of a sail by stitching an additional strip of canvas along it. 2. Flat-topped projection on either side of mast and in same thwartship line. Takes heels of cargo derricks. 3. Pre-computed values set out for ready referenced

Table Shore. Low, flat shore of sea.

Tabling. Broad hem at foot of sail that is sewn to a boltrope.

Tabular. Said of values that have been obtained from tables.

Tabular Log. Logarithm whose index has been increased by 10 to avoid having minus values.

Tachometer. Instrument for indicating velocity. Name is given to a 'counter' indicating number of propeller revolutions per minute.

Tack. Lower foremost corner of a fore and aft sail. 2. Rope by which the weather lower corner of a course is hauled down. 3. Direction of a vessel's fore and aft line relative to the wind when under sail; being starboard or port tack according to whether wind is on starboard or port side respectively. 4. Distance sailed on one tack. 5. Lower corner in head of flag or pendant.

Tack Block. Standing block through which tack (rope) of a sail is rove.

Tacking. Putting ship's head through the wind, and so bringing wind on the other bow. 2. Working to windward, under sail, by sailing alternately on different tacks.

Tack Knot. Double wall and crown knot worked in standing end of a tack (rope).

Tackle. The running gear of a ship. 2. Purchase made by reeving rope or chain through one or more blocks.

Tackle Boards. Frame, at end of a ropewalk, having attachments for yarns that are to be twisted into strands.

Tackle Post. Fitting, in a ropewalk, having attachments for laying-up strands of a rope. Tack Line. Length of signal halliard inserted between two groups of signal flags when hoisted at the same halliard.

Tackling. Sails and all running rigging of a vessel.

Tack Purchase. Gun tackle purchase in tack of a fore and aft mainsail.

Tack Rivet. Temporary rivet put in to hold a plate in position while being erected and faired. It is then punched out and the permanent rivet inserted.

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