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Bag Cargo. Cargo that is stowed in bags. Baggage Room

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Bag Cargo. Cargo that is stowed in bags.

Baggage Room. Compartment, in a passenger ship, for storage of passengers' baggage that may be required during the voyage.

Baggala, Bagla. Two-masted dhow of about 200 tons. Used in Indian Ocean. Lateen rigged, mast raked forward; has high poop with windows, quarter galleries and lavish decoration.

Baggy Rinkle. Sennit used for chafing gear.

Bagpipe the Mizen.* To haul on weather mizen sheet until mizen boom is close to weather mizen shroud, and sail is aback.

Bag Reef. Fourth reef of a topsail.

Baguio, Bagiou. The term for a typhoon in the Philippine Islands.

Bailer. Baler.

Bail Out. To remove water from a boat.

Baily's Beads. Bead-like prominences apparently on limb of Moon during eclipse of Sun. Probably due to irradiation.

Baker Navigation Machine. Introduced to assist air navigation. Allows a transparent sheet, carrying curves of iso-azimuths to be adjusted over a chart. Invented by Cdr. T. Y. Baker, R.N.

Balaenidae. True, or 'right' whales. Have no teeth, but baleen (whale bone) instead. Have no dorsal fin. Greenland and Australian whales are examples.

Balaenoptera. Whales having soft dorsal fin and short baleen plates. Rorqual is an example.

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