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Sympathetic Damage. Loss in value of an item of cargo due to its contact with, or proximity to, other articles or cargo that affect it adversely without damaging it physically.

Synchronism. Coincidence in time. Occurring at the same instant. Particularly applied to coincidence of a vessel's roll with the period of a wave motion acting transversely.

Synodical Month. Interval between two successive conjunctions of Sun and Moon. Also called a 'Lunation'. Value is 29 days 12 h 44.5 m mean solar time.

Synodical Revolution. 'Synodic Period.'

Synodical Year. Equals 12 synodical months. Length 354 days 08 h 48 m 36 s mean solar time.

Synodic Period. Of Moon or a planet, is the interval between any two consecutive conjunctions. With inferior planets, the conjunctions must be of same type - inferior or superior.

Synoptic Chart. Chart in which weather conditions, at a given time, are expressed by a system of letters, numbers, and symbols.

Syphering 343 Syzygy Tide

Syphering. Lapping the chamfered edge of one plank, over the chamfered edge of another, so that there is a smooth surface at the lap.

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