Nautical words

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Swinging Ship. Putting ship's head through all points of compass to determine compass error and, thence, deviation on different headings.

Switchboard. Panel fitted with switches and inserted between dynamo and outside electrical circuits. Used for controlling electrical supply.

Swivel. Formerly gun mounting that allowed gun to be trained through a lateral arc. 2. A gun on a swivel mounting. 3. A pivot free to move in an immovable part.

Swivel Block. Pulley block that is pivoted in the lug or hook by which it is attached.

Swivel Piece. Small length of cable, consisting of a swivel with a studded and an open link on each side of it. Often put between outboard end of cable and anchor; also between inboard end of cable and its attachment in chain locker. 2. Swivel and link connecting the two 'monkey faces' of mooring swivel.

Sword. Long and fairly thin piece of wood used for beating down the crossed strands when making sword matting.

Swordfish. Powerful and swift fish with a swordlike projection from lower jaw. Found in tropical and subtropical seas. Are inveterate enemies of whales and other cetacea. Length is from 12 to 15 ft., including sword (three feet). Young swordfish have both jaws prolonged.

Sword Matting. Woven rope made by stretching four to eight strands and then lifting alternate strands and passing small rope, or strand, across jaw thus formed. This crossing 'wheft' is then beaten in with a wooden 'sword'. Strands previously up are now put down, and wheft is again passed, this process being repeated until required length is made. It makes excellent gripes for boats.

Symbol. Letter, character, or device that has a special signification.

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