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Sweeping and Creeping. Searching an area of the sea-bed with a sweep wire and a grapnel.

Sweepings. Cargo, such as grain, that has escaped from its bags and has been swept up in the hold. Is delivered to consignee as 'sweepings'.

Swell. Succession of long and unbroken waves that are not due to meteorological conditions in the vicinity. Generally due to wind at a distance from the position.

Swifter. Extra stay or backstay. 2. Foremost shroud of lower rigging. 3. Rope secured in slots at end of capstan bars, to prevent bars from coming out of poppets of capstan while heaving.

Swifting. Tautening up by passing trapping turns. So applied to 'undergirding'. Swifting in of shrouds is done when refitting ratlines. Middle shroud is tautened and those on either side of it are slightly slackened. Ratlines are then fitted. When swifting turns are taken off, the shrouds are set up-so tautening the ratlines.

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1   ...   841   842   843   844   845   846   847   848   ...   963

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