Nautical words

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Surface Condenser. Condenser in which exhaust steam is condensed to water by coming into contact with outer surfaces of numerous small pipes through which cold sea water is pumped.

Surf Boat. Craft especially designed for working in surf. Is usually high at ends, broad-beamed, and steered with an oar- to which it is very responsive,

Surge. Name given to the so-called 'tidal wave', which is not due to tidal forces. Investigation of its behaviour is still proceeding, but it is accepted that it may arise from meteorological causes, or from seismic disturbances. It may travel hundreds of miles an hour. 2. To allow a rope to render or run out while being hauled on a drum or capstan. 3. To fail to grip a drum or 1 capstan when heaving. 4. The swell of a drum or capstan. 5. Change of barometric pressure additional to those due to movements of depressions or anticyclones.

Survey. To examine and inspect visually. 2. Visual examination or inspection. 3. Periodical examination of a vessel, her fittings, machinery, accommodation, etc. 4. Particular, but casual, inspection of stowage, hatches, cargo, etc. 5. To ascertain the depths, nature, and contours of the sea-bed and the heights, nature, and contours of the adjacent land.

Surveyor. One who examines and surveys for the purpose of ascertaining and reporting condition, state, quantity, quality, strength, etc., relative to standard requirements.

Swab. Seaman's mop for drying decks. Made of old rope unlaid and seized on the bight; about four feet in length. Sometimes made smaller and seized to a wooden handle for putting highly-alkaline solutions on deck for cleansing purposes.

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