Nautical words

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Superior Conjunction. Position of an inferior planet when it is in conjunction with Sun and 180° away from Earth.

Superior Planet. Planet whose orbit around Sun lies outside that of Earth.

Superior Transit 340 Swamp

Superior Transit. That passage across the meridian, of a circum-polar body, at which it attains its greater altitude.

Super-Pressure Boiler. Steam boiler working at pressure exceeding 650 Ib. per square inch.

Superstructure. Loosely applied to permanent erections above upper deck. For load-line purposes, is a decked structure above the freeboard deck and extending from side to side of the vessel. Raised quarter deck is a superstructure.

Supporters. Strong knees immediately beneath catheads of wooden vessels.

Surf. Broken and tumultuous sea caused by waves breaking on a I lee shore,

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