Nautical words

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Supercooled Water. Water that is liquid at temperatures below 0°C. Small water-drops in atmosphere can remain liquid at -40°C.

Superheat. Additional heat given to steam to increase temperature without increasing volume and pressure. Allows for a certain amount of cooling without causing condensation, so giving increased efficiency.

Superheated Steam. Steam that has been given increased heat after leaving boiler, pressure remaining constant. Has greatly increased efficiency as compared with saturated steam. In marine boilers, superheat is not carried beyond 750°F.

Superheater. Arrangement of small steam pipes in exhaust gases of furnaces. Used for increasing temperature of the steam.

Superior. Word used for denoting one of two similar occurrences or positions, differentiating it from the other—which is termed the 'inferior' position or occurrence. A signal is said to be superior to another when hoisted before, either in regards time or hoist. It is said to be inferior when it is after either in time or hoist.

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