Nautical words

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Sumner's Method. The finding of ship's position by two successive altitudes of one heavenly body, or by more or less simultaneous altitudes of two heavenly bodies. From these altitudes are calculated the position of the intersection of the two circles of equal altitude. One of these intersections is the ship's position. First used by Captain Thomas H. Sumner (U.S.A.) on 17th December, 1837. He published a book on the method in 1843.

Sun. Star around which Earth, planets, and other solar system bodies revolve. Distance from Earth is 93,005,000 miles; weight is l,842xl,000,00024 tons; diameter 864,392 miles. Apparent diameter 31'32" to 32'36". Horizontal Parallax 8.8". Volume is about 330,000 times that of Earth.

Sunday Letter. Letter that will represent Sundays of a year if we letter the days in a recurring sequence from A to G. The letter drops back one in each successive year, and drops back one letter on February 29.

Sun Dog 339 Superior Planet

Sun Dog. Name often given to a refracted image of Sun occasionally seen about 20° to 30° away from Sun, but at same altitude.

Sunfish. Common name for the basking shark.

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