Nautical words

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Sujee; Suji-muji (spelling various). Soap or cleaning-powder mixed with fresh water. To wash paint with sujee.

Sumatras. Violent thundery squalls in the Malacca Strait, usually at night, during the S.W. Monsoon.

Summer Solstice. That point of time at which Sun reaches his highest declination and noon altitude. At this point his declina­tion is more or less constant for an appreciable time. Occurs about June 21 in northern hemisphere, about December 21 in the southern. By convention, the former is generally accepted.

Summer Tanks. Comparatively small tanks on outboard sides of expansion trunks of an oil tanker. Are reserve spaces that may be filled with oil to bring vessel to her marks, particularly in summer.

Summer Time. Advancement of mean time indications of clock by one hour (usually) during and around summer months. Dates of adoption and cessation of British Summer Time are decreed by Order in Council.

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