Nautical words

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Suck the Monkey. Originally, to suck rum from a coconut-into which it had been (illicitly) inserted, the end of the nut resembling a monkey's face. Later, illicitly to suck spirit from a cask, usually through a straw.

Suction. The drawing of a fluid by formation of a vacuum that the fluid is free to occupy. Technically applied to the effect of a large vessel passing a small vessel in confined waters; which may cause the smaller vessel to sheer towards the larger.

Sue 338 Sunday Letter

Sue. To require more water for notation. Word is loosely applied and is sometimes referred to the vessel, and sometimes referred to the water—'Vessel sues six feet' or Tide sued six feet'. In either case the vessel requires a further six feet of water to float. Often spelt 'sew, sewed'.

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