Nautical words

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Studdingsail Booms. Sliding booms projecting from yards to take studdingsails.

Studsail* Contraction of 'studdingsail'.

Stuffing-Box. Short sleeve of metal, at end of cylinder, through which a piston rod passes. Is made tight by fibrous material (packing) that is compressed by screwing up a retaining gland.

Stump Mast. Lower mast with no tops and with no mast above it.

Stump Topgallant Mast. Topgallant mast with no royal mast above it.

Stuns'l, Stons'l. Usual pronunciation of 'Studdingsail'.

Stuns'l Halliard Bend. Made by passing two round turns around spar, passing end around standing part, under both round turns, back over last round turn and under first round turn.

Stylus. Alternative name for "gnomon'.

Submarine. Beneath the sea surface, or beneath the sea. 2. War vessel designed for travelling below surface of sea.

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