Nautical words

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Strop and Toggle. Method of securing when quick release may be required. A bale sling strop has a toggle in one end, this being passed through and across the other bight.

Strop Knot. Made with looped lines or cords. Crown knot is made, followed by wall knot; loops then projecting from knot.

Structural Stress. Stress that tends to deform the whole structure.

Strum Box. Metal box having perforated circular holes in sides. Is put round end of a suction pipe to prevent entry of any material that may choke the pump. When fitted in bilges of hold spaces the perforations must not exceed j inch in diameter; total area of all perforations must be, at least, twice the sectional area of suction pipe.

Strut. Diagonal member that supports or braces another member.

Stud. The strengthening piece across a link of chain cable.

Studded Links. Those links, of chain cable, that are strengthened and supported by a transverse stud across their widest part.

Studdingsail _________ 337______ ______Suction

Studdingsail. Fine weather sails set on either side of square sails, their heads and tacks being stretched to Studdingsail booms.

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