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Striking Topsail. Salute, by a sailing vessel, that goes back to Saxon days at least. Made by letting go topsail halliards and re-hoisting. Also called 'Veiling Topsail'.

String.* Inboard side of a vessel's topmast strake.

Stringer Plates. Plate stringers in iron and steel vessels.

Stringers. Longitudinal members that, in conjunction with frames, give girder strength to a vessel. Name is sometimes given to battens that go fore and aft along ship's side in holds. Strip to a Gantline. To send down all yards, unreeve all running rigging, send down all upper masts and leave only gantlines rove on lower masts.

Stroke. Distance an oar is pulled through the water in the action of rowing. 2. The rate at which oars are pulled. 3. Man who rows the after oar in a boat, and so sets the time and distance that oars are pulled. 4. One complete pulling of an oar. 5. Stroke of a reciprocating engine is the distance travelled by the piston when moving from one end of cylinder to the other.

Stroke Oar. See 'Stroke (3)'. Name may be given to man or oar.

Strongback. Fore and aft beam over a boat when in the crutches and covered. It supports cover and gives it sufficient slope to shed any water that may fall on it.

Strong Breeze. Wind blowing between 22 and 27 knots. Is Force 6 in Beaufort scale.

Strop. Short length of rope with ends spliced together to make a loop; or with ends eye-spliced. Used for making a sling, or an attachment for hook, shackle, or rope.

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