Nautical words

Strays. Atmospherics. Streak.*

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Strays. Atmospherics.

Streak.* Old form of 'Strake'.

Stream. A course of running water, whether between banks or through the sea.

Stream a Buoy. To put an anchor buoy into the water just before letting anchor go.

Stream Anchor. An anchor whose weight is about that of the bower anchors. Carried aft to act as stern anchor when required, or for kedging purposes.

Stream Current. Ocean current that flows in a definite direction- so differing from a 'drift' current—that always sets to leeward. They are the result of drift currents that have been arrested by some obstructions in their paths.

Stream the Log. To put the rotator in the water and pay out the log line. The reverse operation is to 'Hand the Log’

Stress. The effect of an applied force that does not cause per­manent deformation.

Stretcher. Small piece of timber athwart a boat propelled by oars, and against which the rower braces his feet.

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