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Straining Screw. Type of bottle screw which has a swivel hook at one end and an eye, on threaded screw, at the other end. Used for setting up guard chains, awning ridge ropes, and other purposes.
Strand 335 Strike

Strand. A number of fibre yarns, or wires, twisted together. Three or more strands twisted together form a rope. 2. The edge of the land. A beach.

Strake. A continuous line of plating, or planking, extending along ship's side from forward to aft.

Strait/s. A narrow stretch of water joining to larger areas.

Stranding. Accidentally running aground, or being forced aground, by extraordinary circumstances outside the usual course of navigation. In marine insurance, it must be of such a nature that the voyage is brought to an end.

Strange Sail. An unidentified vessel that appears above the horizon.

Strap. Plate covering a joint, in wood or metal, and securely fastened to each of the joined pieces to regain strength lost by joining.

Stratocumulus. Cloud form intermediate between stratus and cumulus. May be closely packed, or separated by more or less horizontal streaks of sky.

Stratosphere. The upper shell of atmosphere. In it there is little change of temperature with height. It is cloudless, and contains two regions of high ionisation - the Kenelly-Heaviside and Appleton layers.

Stratus. Uniform layer of cloud very much like elevated fog. Height may be anything less than a mile.

Stray Line. That part of a hand log-line that extends between the log chip and the bunting mark at which timing commences.

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