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Stow. To pack compactly and safely. Stowage

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Stow. To pack compactly and safely.

Stowage. The compact, safe, and appropriate placing of cargo in a hold. 2. Place or compartment in which goods can be stowed. 3. The act of placing cargo in a hold.

Stowage Factor. The number of cubic feet required for stowing one ton - or unit quantity -of a named commodity. It includes space necessary for appropriate dunnage and packing, and allows for unavoidable broken stowage.

Stowaway. One who conceals himself on a ship about to sail, with an intention of being taken to sea.

Strain. Permanent deformation, or weakening, caused by excessive stress.

Strain Bands. Doubling strips of canvas going vertically down the middle of a square sail to strengthen it.

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